We are a bunch of animation and marketing geeks with an ability to analyze the different trends that are going to prevail across all verticals. Our acute vision has helped us develop an acumen for the best execution in video creation and production services.

Babal Deep Singh


At school, I took up fine arts as a subject because I loved to sketch and paint scenes from movies and cartoons. I always used to think deeply about the process of making cartoons. After a lot of research, driven by my interest, I pursued animation in Delhi for two and a half years. My specialization involved 3D modelling. After a brief struggle with it, my friend suggested that perhaps 2D animation could open up better avenues for me. Soon after, I joined a company as a 2D animator and freelanced as well, working late into the nights. This is where I got the idea of videoowls, you see, owls do not sleep! I too spent sleepless nights and several waking hours to help out my clients with videos. I have seven years of experience in 2D animation and motion graphics. Unfortunately, I was laid off from the company due to reasons unknown to me post which I started off with my own explainer video company.