Branding and PR communications are the most important ingredients that help a business bloom.

A practical study, published by the biggest names in SEO have concluded that, the average time spent by a user on a website is 15-20 seconds. The only way, you can make a user stay for longer and probably enable clicks on call to action are by creating the best landing page videos.

With video being the most essential avenue to take your content down, there is an intense need for companies to incorporate amazing corporate video production in their online marketing campaign.

As well as, a very thorough research conducted by PWC and Harvard Business School proves that the landing page video alone contributes around 56% of the total business generated by a company.

At Video Owls, we create the most lucrative explainer videos that illustrate the value of your awesome product or services.

These are embedded videos with hard-hitting content for every kind of a user taken by surprise, eventually landing them on your preferred page. Apart from giving a great look, our intent is equally on the high standard content on it. This content may be in form of narration, with a sublime background score or plain texts flashing. But, we stress on delivering the same message through every aspect, so that the naturality of the information is unaltered.

We begin with the background story and then accordingly create a Landing Page Design. With a mixture of some beautiful colors and dynamic layout, we deliver a product worth satisfying every single eye. No matter how complex, your products are, we showcase them in the most interactive way that it makes it accessible for everyone, imparting an inquisitiveness and enables to act further.

We also display the most complicated nuances of your business through most implicating scenarios to make it easy for people to understand. Our videos for landing pages excites a multitude of emotions in a user.

The sequence in which we present the
Landing page video are:

We take a deep dig in our client’s business and extract some insightful data through various sources. These numbers reflect the trends and demograph in that particular line of business. Based on the past data, we also predict the future with numbers, that helps grab a user’s attention. The data is provided by the client, which we further refine and use in educating the people.

There is no single business that does not have any flaws. We study them thoroughly and help our users by educating the risks and precautions involved. This helps them get an in and out knowledge of the business.

We include the most common areas that users have been struggling to cope up with in their business. This adds an empathy factor with the user and gets them indulged with the services our clients have to offer.

We list them in a very comprehensive manner, and not taking a stab at them critically, so as to help them understand the number they can achieve by not commiting such mistakes.

Having analysed various standards and implications, we display in that landing page video, how resourceful our client can be. This builds a trust factor and enlightens a path for the users.