From cinema to sports, geography to history, nature to wildlife, whatever videos you’ve seen, have all become worth it only by the touch of one component – motion graphics.

A perfect combination of animation and graphic design gives birth to a Motion graphic video, with text as a major component.

It has always proved to be the most effective communicator with a user, adding a depth to the story.

With a sublime background sequence, the video becomes even more alluring.

It may sound pretty easy, while you list down the steps to create an awesome motion graphics video. But the truth is, it’s not something that everyone can excel in. One mistake, and it all disrupts the creativity which you would have imagined before creating it. In other words, as a creator, we find it immensely attractive, as it gives us an opportunity to tell a story which is not bound by any limit. There are numerous elements that we can involve in making it better. But, what if any one element out of those, goes wrong in accordance with the whole product?

It becomes a failure, which one cannot afford in branding.

Hence, we the “Video Owls” take the responsibility of transforming your business into a brand.

As creators, we find it joyous to bring smiles on your faces. Our constant effort is into making you relate with our work through moving pictures and animated images or both. We are not just bound to 2D, but also 3D motion graphic videos.

Some of our major concerns while
creating a perfect video for you are:

This involves a relevant information that helps our writers and animators to work on the project. We also customize the template as per our standards, keeping in mind the client’s requirement.

The whole journey of the video marketing is prepared at the beginning with a proper documentation, which helps us execute in an organized way.

We do our bit, and then send it to the client maintaining the sanity. We proceed with the uploading of the video on various platforms, once we get a go ahead from the client.

This lays the foundation of our story. A whole summary is designed and then, created with a detailed script, which we commonly call as “Storyboard”. This usually ranges from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, or maybe even more depending upon the nature of the details what we’re explaining. It is but obvious that one should know – who to reach and how to reach. The feeling with which you want to hit a user is the most tactical thing. This is what makes us a pro level creators, even with such young team.

This is a very major component that bounds the user to the video Flashing the key points on screen makes it very engaging for the
people, because when you ask them at the completion of video – What were the highlights of the video they just watched? – They would remember the flashy text they saw.

So, it’s a very effective technique to get arousal, which we implicate on our videos.

The kinetic texts and images are like short films or rather, ad films, which if triggered with proper theme, does compel a person to watch. Animations, graphics, we use everything at our disposal to make it work beautifully.

The narration for the video, is one thing that catches someone’s attention. Imagine watching a cricket match with no commentary, and on the other hand “Ravi Shastri” commenting on every fours and sixes. Hence, there’s no need to explain this further. You already know its vitality.

So, these were the basics of how one should create a motion graphic video. If you wish to learn this further, connect with us and get your business featured everywhere!