Some of the platforms with highest number of user engagements like – Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram have provided as the major mediums to support one’s business.

Facebook and LinkedIn analytics has strengthen the procedure with a segmented measure for:

Target Region and,
Target Audience to promote a business.

This means, you do not need to share posts with everyone present there on the platform. Instead, you can filter the region and viewers based on your relevance and get better results.

Do you, remember the time, when there was just a provision to post text updates on every platform?

Experts began to feel, that is preventing the posts to subsequently reach out to the masses. Hence, they introduced filters like # and then added video submission on the websites. This not only helped in getting it easier to reach out to the numbers but also made for the users to search such videos. Now, these paid and sponsored campaigns helps you get enquiries for business. But how?

Now, these paid and sponsored campaigns helps you get enquiries for business. But how?

Video Owls helps you create an absolutely sensational material to post on Social Media Websites. The key components being pretty much the same – Motion graphics, animation quality, length of the video, sound over, subtitles and narration.

We help you describe stories in seconds, contemplating your vision and resolution.

Our team analyses the thick and thin of one’s business and presents it to the users in a way that leaves them stunned.

We deal in every platform ranging from Facebook videos, LinkedIn Videos, Instagram Videos, Tumblr Videos, Flickr Videos, you name them, covering almost all social media platforms.

With high quality embedded content and a brief synopsis for the optimization, we aim to feature you with utmost diligence and create opportunities for you to grab.

The different nuances required for each Social Media Platform:

For every platform hashtags(#) play the most important role in capturing one’s attention.

Its not just the views, but also clicks and impressions that help you generate business through these platforms. Speaking of which, the growth map for any business follows this sequence:


Branding – In this section, we create the need for your business in the market and announce that you have arrived to the rescue. The brand guidelines are laid and featured in the form of the video on social media channels.

Promotion – Regular video posts, that keeps people awakened about the presence is carried out in this phase.

Enquiries – On every clicks, views and impression we create user forms, which becomes an inbound lead for your business.

Delivery – Your resolutions for your clients is covered in this phase, where you build a trust among them.

Results – And lastly, the numbers that are reflected on your account after several deliveries are the true measure that builds your portfolio.

So, now, you have a brief idea about how we promote businesses through social media videos and boost your economy.