We help you narrate your stories in the most creative fashion using stunning animated characters.

Through our expertise in Whiteboard animation, we feature numerous readymade scenes using cloud-based tools to design your online video marketing.

In this rapidly growing internet age, it has been observed that animated videos are one of the best channels to spread a word among the masses. They are among the latest online trends not just because they boost your online visibility, but also increase your conversion ratio by 20% as per the study by Google.

We at Video Owls, are diligently involved in creating the most amazing explainer animation templates covering its every aspect, such as – cartoon animation, motion graphics, 3d animation, you name it. Every business has different marketing objectives and we create the most suitable Whiteboard animation that is relevant to your business in the best manner.

We hold expertise in some of the best Whiteboard animation softwares that let us create hundreds of interactive scenes, animated characters and a library of high-quality music tracks that will make you forget about your boring and repetitive content.

Now, we’re going to walk you through some of the very important points that are going to ignite your minds – as to why use Whiteboard video for storytelling.

All businesses are not that easy for a layman to understand. A complex product or service may turn out to be misleading for some. Hence, it needs a thorough explanation in order to educate an audience who may convert into a prospective lead for you, if the message is correctly conveyed. People have a tendency to catch things up with proper lectures. An amazing Whiteboard video may just work for them bringing back their school and college memories. It’s a wonderful way of making your audience pay more attention and create a willingness to learn with the best whiteboard animations.

A standard explainer video lasts for around 2 minutes on tops. Although, we recommend it to be slightly shorter. But, there are certain occasions, where it takes longer to convey some vital information where you don’t even want to lose out in engaging a user into your story. The best thing about whiteboard videos is that it holds the conscious from the first seconds of the user, which makes it super engaging, and does not seem long.

An explainer video may backfire if does not involve the user himself. Whiteboard illustrations allow you to explain a story in the most conventional manner keeping intact the human touch, which almost makes them believe that they are a part of your story. We use some of the best Whiteboard video makers to embellish your story that lasts in a user’s mind forever. With our prowess over design, we aim to prosper with your success.